YES TO FRESH BREATH - NO TO JUNK! No one wants to worry about their breath and we all care about what we consume. Unlike traditional products, such as chewing gums and mints, that claim to get rid of bad breath our line of breath fresheners are made without artificial sweeteners, preservatives or other harmful ingredients. We hope you enjoy the great flavors which are created using organic essential oils. With the addition of chlorophyll, Lively Up Your Breath works by cleansing your body internally and removing bacteria which is the original cause of bad breath.


Our Products

We make a commitment to you to use only the best ingredients in formulating our great tasting and effective gluten free breath fresheners. Take your choice between our vegan liquid breath drops and our vegetarian chewable capsule bursts (or use both!).



We would like to help you support your favorite charity. “Lively Up Your Breath” has been blessed and, as such, we want to share those blessings with the causes that YOU believe in. Please share the name of your favorite charity with us.


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We worked really hard on our new and innovative, "Lively Up" liquid filled Veggie formula gel caps breath fresheners. Our gel caps are made from non-GMO corrn starch and seaweed extract! NO ANIMAL BYPRODUCTS.
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