About Our Products

"Halitosis is Atrocious!"

That's why we create natural products made with organic essential oils...

We want everyone to have “Breath So Fresh You Can Feel It” but without the junk.  Like you, we are careful about what we put into our bodies. That is why we don’t use refined sugar, artificial flavors or sweeteners or preservatives in our breath fresheners.  For those of you who are sensitive to gluten, our products are gluten free.  All of our products are vegetarian and our liquid breath drops are even Vegan! We made every effort to ensure that you would find our products to be great tasting as well as effective (things that are good for you don’t have to taste bad).

Our mission is to provide our customers with highly effective, unique and great tasting breath fresheners which are made with clean and safe ingredients without the use of artificial sweeteners, flavors, preservatives or chemicals. 

We want to build an ongoing relationship with our customers which supports their values and lifestyle by listening and responding to their feedback about our Company and our products.

We want to be profitable but not at the expense of the environment or our values.  We will always seek out and choose eco-friendly packaging wherever possible.  We aim to support the society in which we live and the natural world around us.

All of our effective and pleasant tasting products are highly concentrated and are made in the USA in Southern California.

Our special blend of organic essential oils and liquid chlorophyll work from the very first taste on your tongue and continues its cleansing and refreshing action as it dissolves in your mouth to help cure bad breath.  The refreshing blast of organic menthol adds to the feeling of freshness in your mouth and throughout your respiratory system.

Original Mint Capsule Bursts

An alcohol free version or our Original Mint in a convenient chewable vegetarian capsule burst.  An intense blast of mint and menthol with the addition of organic spirulina and macadamia nut oil!

Original Mint

Crisp, refreshing and powerful. This proprietary blend of essential peppermint and spearmint oils contain the highest degree of menthol of all of our products. An excellent choice for getting rid of bad breath.

Sensual Citrus

Fragrant, uplifting and energizing. A fresh burst of orange in a tiny little drop. One of the best natural remedies for bad breath.

Vanilla Cinnalicious

Smooth, spicy, warm and cozy. The warmth of cinnamon with the velvety softness of vanilla. A sweet way to fight bad breath.

Lively Up Your Breath is a Chlorophyll Based Liquid Breath Freshener

Chlorophyll is widely believed to be a wonderful deodorizer and internal cleanser and can be found in all of our products.  Our new capsule bursts also feature the addition of Organic Spirulina which contains Protein, Vitamin B1, Iron and Calcium.

Our unique recipes for both our liquid drops and capsule bursts are sweetened with raw organic agave nectar from The iidea Company.  This was our choice for bringing a pleasing rich and yet balanced sweetness to the product.

Our liquid breath drops contain no binders, so the best way to experience their unique and flavorful blends is as follows:

  • Shake the bottle well
  • Either place a few drops directly into your mouth or onto the back of your hand
  • You can also place about 15 drops into a small amount of water, swish this around in your mouth and then swallow

NOTE: Chlorophyll contains strong naturally occurring pigments and may stain. So don’t be messy!

About Us

Gail and Micheal founded “Lively Up Your Breath” in 2010, in beautiful and sunny Southern California. It all started back then when a year earlier, Micheal’s favorite breath freshener was taken off the market. Eventually, Gail and Micheal saw an opportunity and took on the challenge of creating and promoting their own unique line of breath freshener products made with organic essential oils.  To this day, the Company is still just the two of us.

“Lively Up” was created as a new, effective alternative to the many existing breath fresheners that contained sugar, sweeteners, and artificial ingredients. Through many trials, experimentation and countless discussions with family, friends and various store personnel we were able to dream up and develop our own unique line of highly of highly effective products.

We are both focused and dedicated to being cognizant of what we consume personally and how we interact with society and the environment in our own lives through our daily actions. We strive to eat healthful, nourishing, organic foods and live a healthy and vibrant life each and every day.  We both do our best to reduce the impact we have on the environment and to help protect and look after the beauty of the world we live in.  Through our company, we have committed ourselves to producing products which are reflective of the same high standards we believe in and apply as the guiding principal in what we offer to the public.

Most breath fresheners in the marketplace today have loads of sugar, contain artificial ingredients, sweeteners or taste medicinal and a lot of them don’t actually work well.  We wanted to change that by providing a breath freshener which tasted great and was long lasting and effective. Our “Lively Up” products are indeed a “Real Breath of Fresh Air”!

We wanted to give back by helping you, our customers, to support the charities that touch your heart.  As we say in our rap, “Lively Up Gives So Others Can Live A Better Life!” The only way we can do this is if you please take the time to let us know about the charity you would like us to support.  You can email us, do a Tweet or post it on our Facebook page – your friends can do the same.  No purchase is necessary to participate.

Gail Chester

Gail spent her childhood years living the farm life with her loving family in fertile valley of the Rocky Ford, Colorado. This experience set the tone for her love of fresh foods and fostered a pride in being part of a farming family responsible for producing it.

As a young adult she traveled to London and met her husband of 34 years.  She then spent 22 years in England before she and her husband moved to California to be closer to her family.

Gail’s background in administration and her related experience means she is well suited to handling the accounting, administrative and logistical functions required for our Company.

Micheal McNeeley

Micheal grew up in the progressive social and artistic hotbeds of both Northern and Southern California. Having a desire to express his artistic and creative spirit he began training in Martial Arts at age 13 and he is now a 7th Degree Black Belt Master Instructor.

This experience opened the path to his own self-discovery and resulted in an affinity for a holistic lifestyle which he follows to this day. The practice of Martial Arts instilled a discipline and a “never quit” attitude that makes him a great salesman and has resulted in Lively Up Your Breath now being in the top natural retailers in the US.

Our Packaging & Philosophy

Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of all of our packaging decisions. We have made a commitment to using “Mother Earth Friendly” materials (i.e “Eco-Friendly”) as much as possible.

Our paper POP display boxes are always made from FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) certified recycled paper stock //us.fsc.org/. This means that at least 85% of the paper content is from post-consumer sources and not more than 15% is from post-industrial sources. fsc-label-types-pure-recycled-mixed.  These boxes are printed using vegetable based water soluble inks.

For our other printing needs we use water soluble inks.

The packing peanuts we use when we ship our products are made from water soluble cornstarch.  Our bottles and the shrink wrap on our liquid breath drops are fully recyclable.

Our cute and highly desirable organic t-shirts are made from  organic bamboo. Our supplier uses overseas factories which are third party audited using the BSCI (Business Social Compliance Initiative) //www.bsci-intl.org/ monitoring system, which is based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO). They also purchase carbon offsets in relation to transporting the t-shirts to the US.

Breath So Fresh You Can Feel It!