“To whom much is given, much is required.”

“Lively Up Your Breath’s” charitable gifting program, “Make a Difference, Make a Choice, Make a Change” teams up with you (our supporters) to select worthy charitable organizations that will receive a financial donation from the sales of our products.

We at “Lively Up Your Breath” live our lives with #gratitude and feel we have been blessed.  We want and believe in sharing those blessings to help aid those in need across the globe.

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Your voice & your choice will help us to help others, wildlife and the environment be letting us know about your favorite charities!

So with this in mind, we manage our “Make a Difference, Make a Choice, Make a Change” program with your input on who should receive donations from the sale of our “Lively up your Breath” products.

Each year we will collect your suggestions on line and then select two organizations* that we will make donations to for that year.  Any charity listed on’s website is eligible for nomination for our program.

You don’t have to buy our products to participate in this worthwhile endeavor. All you need to do is care!

We invite you to spread the word about this important program. With your voice, your vote and your hope we CAN & WILL help those causes close to your heart to make a change.

Let’s all make a difference in the service of humanity, our planet, and all its’ inhabitants!

“Make a Difference, Make a Choice, Make a Change”

*In case you were thinking we changed our program slightly, you would be right. We used to pick a different charity each month but found that we were not receiving enough recommendations to sustain this policy.